2018 Calendar of Events


     January 11th                       "Upcoming USPS Rates And Postal Changes For 2018" at the Petroleum Club

                                                                  Speakers:    USPS Headquarters

    February 8th                        “Hidden Dangers: What to Watch For”

                                                                  Speaker:  Thomas Noyes, US Postal Inspector in Charge of the FW Division

    March 8th                         “Job Security in Uncertain Times” and “Motivation in Today’s Environment”

                                                                  Speaker: Special Dual Presentation by Mark Fallon of The Berkshire Company

    April 12th                         “Near Field Communication:  How it Relates to Print and Mail”

                                                                  Speaker:  Theresa Campbell, PIA MidAmerica


    May 6th                            National Postal Forum - San Antonio 

    June 14th                         Educational Luncheon- Speaker: TBD


    July  12th                          Educational Luncheon - Speaker TBD


    August 9nd                        Educational Luncheon - Speaker TBD

    September                         PCC Day


     November                         Educational Luncheon - Speaker TBD

    December 8th                   Member Appreciation and Christmas Luncheon at the Petroleum Club