2017 Calendar of Events


     January 29th                       "The Benefits of the PCC & 2017 USPS Promotions" at the Petroleum Club

                                                                  Speakers:    Ronnie Ewers and Dan Ramsey


 February 15th                    "Informed Delivery"  (Co-Event with GDPCC)

                                                                  Speaker:  Cliff Rucker


    March 14th                         "Theft, Fraud, Sensitive Data and Dangerous Mail" at the Petroleum Club

                                                                  Speaker:  Thomas Noyes


    April 5th                               "Top Concerns for Mail Center Managers" at the Petroleum Club

                                                                Speaker:  Margie Mitchell and Judd Thurman


    May 3rd                               "Informed Delivery" at the Petroleum Club

                                                               Speaker:  Timothy Vierling


    June 16                                 Grapevine Vintage Railway Train Ride (Co-event with GDPCC)


    July  11th                             Educational Luncheon - Speaker TBD


    August 2nd                         Educational Luncheon with Leo Raymond


    September                         DFW PCC DAY and Mail Solutions Showcase (Co-event with GDPCC)


    October 4th                        Educational Luncheon - Speaker TBD


    November 1st                   Educational Luncheon - Speaker TBD


    December 6th                   Member Appreciation and Christmas Luncheon at the Petroleum Club