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If using the USPS is basic to the success and growth of your business, the Fort Worth Postal Customer Council offers valuable opportunities. Active members enjoy time to network with local Postal managers and business mailers. The Fort Worth PCC offers a way to meet face-to-face in a friendly, informal setting to discuss mailing issues, get help on solving your mailing needs, and learn ways to get the most out of Postal products.

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Several members of the Fort Worth PCC found that the National Postal Forum 2018 in San Antonio was a hop, skip and a free bus ride away.  Board members from seven of the Texas PCC’s, Fort Worth, Greater Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Tyler and Rio Grande Valley, united as the Texas PCC Roundup and helped the NPF market the event in Texas.  In return, buses were provided to all PCC members who registered for the NPF from each of the seven major cities.  The Texas PCC Roundup networking social was “Sold Out” and kicked off the NPF on Sunday evening.   Supported by several sponsors, more than 200 PCC members and Postal Executives gathered to express appreciation and celebrate another year of dedicated teamwork.   The Texas PCC Roundup plans to meet every January to discuss topics about speakers, education and membership drives that make the Postal Customer Councils successful in their home state.

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THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 8:00am – 4:30pm


​​This is the area’s premier conference for the MAILING AND SHIPPING community. This year’s conference will feature nationally recognized speakers focusing on topics that will benefit you and your business, large or small. Round tables will also be featured as well as an exhibit hall with over 30 local and national businesses. Please plan to attend this nationally recognized event! It will be a day packed with educational information, many opportunities to meet new friends and make valuable networking connections all at a beautiful venue.